Life at SSU

How to get to SSU

  • #1 Incheon Airport 1 to Soongsil University
  • #2 Incheon Airport 2 to Soongsil University
  • #3 How to go to International Office
  • #4 How to go to Residence Hall

To and From Incheon International Airport


As you depart Incheon International Aiarport, please use one of the method below to get directly to Soongsil University.
It will take approximately one hour to arrive depending on the traffic. 

Incheon International Airport Terminal 1

Incheon International Airport Terminal 2

By Taxi

  • Taxi Stops - Terminal 1 : 4C(International Taxi), 5C, 6C, 6D(Seoul Taxi)
    - Terminal 2 : 1C(International Taxi), 5C(Seoul Taxi)
Taxi Stops
Medium TaxiLuxury Taxi

5-Seater (Including Driver)
1.600cc ~ 2,000cc

5-Seater (Including Driver)
Over 2,700cc

By Bus

Taxi Stops
Bus StopsBus No.Fares
6B (Terminal 1) / 27 (Terminal 2)Bus No. 6019 (Soongsil Univ. Annex)15,000 KRW
  • Bus Ticket Office - Terminal 1 : Exit 4 and 9(indoors) / Exit 4, 6, 7, 8, 11, 13, and 9C(outdoors).
    - Terminal 2 : Traffic center (B1)
  • Incheon International Airport (Bus No. 6019) → Soongsil University

By Call Van Services

These are convenient when there is a group arriving together. The Jumbo Taxi can hold up to 5 passengers and the fare is a flat rate not based on per person.
It will take approximately 90 minutes under normal traffic conditions.

  • Taxi stops: Exit 10C – Terminal 1 : 10C – Terminal 2 : 6D
  • Call Van Information Center: 13

By AREX (Airport Express)

  • Train Stops: 1st Basement Floor
  • Train fares: 4,750 KRW (500KRW deposit included)

✽ Express Train Fare : 9,000 KRW (500KRW deposit included)

AREX operates across a total of 10 stations. Of these, six are connected to metro subway stations, making it more convenient for you to get around Seoul.
In particular, AREX runs through two international airports – Incheon International Airport and Gimpo Airport.